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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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questions tonight about how the evacuation order was issued. and happening now, one city's push to boost minimum wage as the president turns his attention to helping the middle class. good evening. it's wednesday, july 24th, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> this is bay area news sat 7:00. >> we begin today with developing news in oakland where a woman was shot and killed while driving down the street this afternoon. >> police say someone opened fire on the 66-year-old woman causing her car to crash into a parked car. >> this happened about 1:30 in the 2,400-block of fern street near book dale off high street. >> neighbors called 911, but the woman had died. >> investigators are still searching for suspects.
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>> they're talking with witnesses, reviewing surveillance footage. >> at this time we're not sure of how many suspects, one or several suspects are responsible? >> investigator ones collected beer bottles from the scene and they'll be examined to see if they could identify any potential suspects or witnesses. at this hour, san jose police are at the scene of a homicide. >> in this case, the woman was beaten to death at an apartment complex on lundy avenue in north san jose. >> robert hanta's following development and what neighbors are saying about a possible suspect. >> the creek view inn is filled with neighbors who have known each other for years. >> one of the residents this morning, a 62-year-old woman who lived here alone seemed to be in distress. he was laying on the floor and they were doing cpr. >> her stomach was very extended and with they brought her out to the imagine vehicle,
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they were still doing cpr. >> san jose police homicide detectives were summoned and confirmed she had been assaulted and stabbed. >> we don't have any suspect information. >> neighbors say they believe they do. >> several told us she had someone staying with her but left abruptly. >> this was a person who used to live her about 3 to 2 years ago. and she was sent to jail for a home invasion in those apartments. >> while police investigate, neighbors mourning the loss of a friend. >> she's one of theelders -- elders that live in our complex and it's sad she's gone >> reporter: neighbors told us the name of the victim but it hasn't been release. >> she's the city's 30th
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homicide. >> robert handa, ktvu news. the suspect in the case, 23 barry white junior, a public defender was assigned to represent him. >> wight is accused of using a gun and knife to kill the two clerks at a jewelry store about a dispute about a purchase. >> today, one of the victims gave voice to the pain. >> this is a baby sister. >> i want my sister back. >> i want her to come home. >> her and her coworker were killed and the store owner were wounded. >> white also fired shots at police. >> he's expected to enter a plea to the charges next week. today, from president obama outlined his mission to refocused attention on the nation's economy. >> no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.
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>> the president gave a campaign-style speech in illinois in efforts to help the middle class and buft the minimum wage. >> in berkeley, on those receiving the lowest pay got a speech >> reporter: some people marched downtown to a commission on labor meeting. >> they want the minimum wage raised to $10.55 an hour. >> in downtown berkeley, protestors say the bay area is expensive and even working full-time, it's hard to make ends meet. >> passers by said they agree. >> people have bills and stuff like that, and it's just hard -- impossible to make it on minimum wage. >> i'm employed half-time, but when i look at minimum wage jobs, it's not even worth it for me to consider because it wouldn't allow me to live >> reporter: president obama
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echoed those same words in his speech. >> we need to raise the minimum wage because it's lower right now than it was when ronald regan okay office, it's time for it to go office. >> increases have helped to alleviate poverty for the working poor. >> this economist said studies have shown raising the minimum wage could give a slight boost to the economy. >> in the levels we've seen have not resulted in decreases in employment >> reporter: some business owners tells us they had to reduce staff during the recession because they couldn't pay the minimum wage and now with the economy improves, many are looking to hire and watching what any wage increase might do to their bottom line. >> reporting live, janet katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland business owners
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whose storefronts were damaged met at city hall this morning with representatives from private security firms. >> oakland's interim police chief said his on offices are prepared for possible violence this weekend, even though no protests have been planned. tonight, three people are behind bars. >> officers arrested tina guzman, moreno and his brother all in san jose after a brief police chase in santa clara that happened this morning. >> they threw stolen guns out of their vehicle. >> they triggered a silent alarm at a robbery this morning. the fire was burning in a field near north first street and component drive. >> fire officials say it's burned about through acres but
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not expected to spread because it is surrounded by a two-lane road. questions tonight about a system used to warn east bay residents of a natural gas leak. >> a crew ruptured a gas line shutting down between stone valley road and jackson way for most the day. >> authorities evacuated a 1,000-foot area, effecting businesses and homes. >> it received calls from people who live all over confused by an automated phone message which left them wondering if they, too, should evacuate. >> the safe evacuation area was identified in conjunction with the sheriff's office and we established the evacuation area around the scene with the public safety in mind. >> the county said it sent out automated landline calls to a targeted area along with phone and e-mail, letters to residents specifically in alamo. >> county officials are investigating why the message was apparently sent to people outside of the effected area.
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and another natural gas leak, this one in oakland, prompted evacuations after a mini van crashed into a home taking out a gas meter at about 2:15 afternoon. >> the driver suffered minor injuries. facebook reported strong 2nd quarter earnings having shares soaring if after hours training. >> revenue from mobile adds jumped 30%. >> facebook went public a little more than one year ago and its stock price rose ever since. >> the ipo was priced at $38. >> facebook stock has been as low as $17 in change. >> the broader market's closed mix, dow dropped 25 points, the largest maker of construction equipment, caterpillar, nasdaq up just a fraction. a major player in the internet tv market, the device
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is called the chrome cast and it retails for $35. >> the gadget plugs into the hdmi port of your tv, and enables you to stream. >> the device went on sale today at best buy and including a netflix ap, which supports a high-definition 56er, the nexus 7 ranges from $229 to $349, depending on the size of the storage of the tablet. san francisco announced plans to install free wifi in public places from a $600,000 grant from google. >> it should cover operation of
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the service for 3 years between public and private sectors. >> this is literally the beginning of a continued effort to in o vat and in o vat, and innovate. >> the free wifi is set to begin at alamo square, civic center plaza, and many other. >> the service should be up and working by next spring. what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime for a 15-year-old girl turned into a nightmare for her and her family. >> miash oshgss traveled last weekend. >> she walked on to a balcony but was a skylight. she fell 20 feet and broke her pelvis. her family's health incident provide for her coverage. >> the family paid $48,000 to fly her home. >> nothing was covered for either medical coverage, so three-plus weeks in a hospital,
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or any of the transportation home. >> the girl is now recovering at children's hospital, oakland. >> her mother says he might have to sell their house to pay the hospital bills. >> friends are are trying to help by raising money online. city leaders, including the mayor gathered in west oakland, questing 30,000 of those cobb rastreet headlight cobb rastreetlights with new fixtures it will repay their $14 million cost in ten years. as the clock ticks down to another possible bart strike, transportation leader discuss possible options for commuters. if you knew the royal baby, it's in the history. coming up today, where this fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the neighborhoods that'll hit the mid-90s in your thursday forecast.
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. at least 40 people were killed and 100 others injured after a train derailed today. >> all 13 cars went off the tracks and overturned in northwestern spain. >> it was rounding a curve at the time. >> two injured passengers felt a strong vibration just before the derailment. >> authorities are not saying anything about a cause. a strike deadline is less than two weeks away. >> talks are going somewhere. >> transportation officials say a bart shut down in august could be more crippling than the earlier one this month. the latest assessment of the a potential bart strike was short and associate. >> they are continuing to
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negotiate. negotiations are still far apart. >> earlier this month, were essentially futile. >> the demand for service out stripped the supply available. >> a large number of people stayed home and sat in the traffic or were on vacation. >> we don't see that there was a huge shift of car pools. >> traffic in august is traditionally higher than a holiday weekend in july, so i do think for those people that got tied up in the bart strike in july, you can expect a worse experience in august. >> there is no replacing that capacity with any stand by transit service of any kind. >> some commissioners openly wondered about that. >> we should be engaging with the private sector, we should be doing everything we can to provide an alternative. >> to replace bart we would need somewhere in the
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neighborhood of 8,000 buss. >> a law changed it to forbid strikes in chicago, washington, and new york. >> it would have to be in their enabling statutes. >> 400,000 bart riders are depending on the outcome. >> ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff's deputies are upping patrols warning residents after two separates incidents were reported on laurel street, while a woman was taking a shower. >> the peeping tom removed a window screen and was scene looking in the bathroom. the environmental protection agency, charging the epa with not doing enough to protect children there dangerous pesticides. >> the pesticide action network filed suit claiming pesticide drift, when wind carries pesticide to places where people
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live or to nearby school grounds. stanford university and uc berkeley have something new to brag about. >> four top colleges ranged stanford as the best colleges. >> sanford beat princeton, yale, and harvard. >> berkeley ranks best as the best state school. >> they bested rankings on what they get out of college, including a number of topics. congress is looking at an overhaul of the mail delivery system, debating a bill that would move delivery to cluster mailboxes and cutting delivery says from fix to five days. >> the postal service lost billions of dollars. >> they say it would save $4 billion every year.
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how the league handles testing hgh, union officials say they favor testing but have concerns about the appeals process and how players would be discipline. >> both sides say they hope to have guidelines in place for the 2013 season. well, by george, the newest prince of england has a name, goernl george alexander louis. >> what's in a name? a lot if you're the future heir to the english thrown. >> meet george alexander, press george of cambridge. >> the announcement came this afternoon. >> they were delighted to share the name, which has significance in the ancestor of the family. >> george is the name he chose
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when he was king. >> alexander may go back to the 13th century. >> this puts to bed a name game that has been played for months. >> as the anticipation of the royal baby's arrive grew, so did bets on the child's name. >> could be spencer. i don't know. >> who knows. >> george was a top contender from the start, but so were james and arthur. >> the prince had a visit from his grandmother this morning. >> get used to press george for now until the young boy becomes king some day. >> in washington, i'm sunlin miller reporting. pope francis in his first international mass as pope, called on brazilionians to
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expected to attend. yesterday, we talked about a pretty dramatic change in weather and today, we're really seeing it. >> those high clouds are moving out. >> we had some hot temperatures this afternoon, a few mid-to upper 90s. >> this pattern remains in place the next couple days, from san francisco all the way to the 80s and 90s to report out toward concord, livermore and antioch. >> right now we watching the fog already regrouping offshore and pushing back into the bay, from monterrey bay, closer to half moon bay, near ocean beach and the golden gate bridge. >> as far as current temperatures, they are dropping down into the 80s out toward fairfield, san jose checking in
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77, and downtown san francisco, 61 degrees. >> there's that shallow marine layer. >> we have this layer of warm air above us. >> as a result you've got to watch out for some dense fog tomorrow morning right near the golden gate bridge, also driving highway 1 first thing tomorrow morning. >> some of that fog as we told you pushing back into the bay. >> the bigger picture is this, high pressure returns for tomorrow. >> more 90s inland around the bay to the lower 80s and the beaches. >> this remains in play for tomorrow and into friday. >> by the weekend, this cooler weather system moves in, increasing it on to our breeze. >> we begin our cooling trend basically this weekend. >> it could be breezy at times, as well. >> winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour. >> our forecast model showing you some dense fog tomorrow morning coast side and around the bay. >> this is tomorrow morning at seven clock for the commute and into the afternoon hours. >> clouds fall back to the coastline. >> basically back into the low to mid-60s for afternoon highs.
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>> once again if you want the other extreme ahead inland you'll find more 90s toward clear lake, fairfield, and vac aville. >> around the rim of the bay, mid-to upper 70s. >> san jose, forecast high of 85, santa clara 84, and san francisco, 67. >> friday, we cool off a little bit. >> there's the real cooling by saturday and sunday as we increase the fog and partly cloudy skies by monday. >> gasia? the giant digging machine began its worked it on the first of two tunnels from muni's central subway, drilling the tunnel for southbound trains. >> . the 1.7 mile extension of muni will connect market area of china town.
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>> central subway is expected to open 2019. a very close call for one animal serving as a warning. >> why the rescue is prompting a call to homeowners of one deer. and the sfran -- san francisco giants marked their calendars.
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. we have video of a rescue operation after a deer got stuck. >> a crew was called monday after the deer tried to run through a fence in the woods. >> you see it struggling here, caught. >> the rescuers threw a blanket so it would calm the deer. >> people really need to be aware netting can be lethal to wildlife. president obama scheduled to host the team and honor the giants before the team's three game series in philadelphia, which starts on tuesday. >> the president is also expected to recognize the team's community service work, including efforts to help under privileged youth and to fight bullying. the a's were down 3-1, but staged a late rally. >> coco-crisp, gave the a's
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their first lead and a 4-3 victory. >> griffin struck out 3 astros to win. we'll see you the next time news breaks, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and the hottest tickets in town and free for some bay area officials. >> we'll investigate the perks you're paying for but can't use. >> tmz is up next right here on tv 36. look at 'em.
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>> today on "tmz". >> anyone want to adopt a gasoline-soaked pomeranian? we actually have video of amanda bynes right after she lit this fire. she is trying to wash her dog in a liquor store because it's soaked in gasoline. >> why do you go to a liquor store? >> maybe she wants to wash it in everclear and make it even more flammable. >> mark sanchez, "tmz" got a rare, rare sight yet. we probably saw the first and only completed pass of mark sanchez for the entire season. things are looking good for the jets. >> jeff daniels, he was at the


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